1.0.          Overview


The Quality Assurance & Quality Improvement (QA/QI) subcommittee is an arm of the EHP Health Promotion (HP) Technical Working Group (TWG). Its mandate is to ensure and improve quality standards in the development of SBCC products. Established in 2017, to respond to and address concerns related to the production and dissemination of incorrect messaging and substandard SBCC products.

2.0.          Main objective

The objective of the QA/QI Subcommittee is to ensure standardized, coordinated and quality SBCC materials and products.


3.0.          Specific Objectives

  1. To set quality assurance standards for the production of SBCC products.
  2. To disseminate quality assurance standards for the production of SBCC products.
  3. To ensure the production of gender sensitive SBCC products
  4. To advocate for adherence to SBCC quality standards with donors, CSOs and other stakeholders
  5. To monitor the production process and disseminated SBCC products.



  • Operational Framework





























The QA/QI subcommittee’s functions will be decentralized to the district to avoid delays and ensure that the vetting processes do not stifle the development of SBCC products.



5.0.          Key roles and responsibilities of the National QA/QI Subcommittee


  1. Set quality assurance standards for the production of SBCC products
  • Facilitate the development of QA/QI standards for the production of SBCC products.
  • Review/revise QA/QI standards for the production of SBCC products annually. Facilitate development of SBCC QA/QI toolkit/checklist.


  1. Disseminate quality assurance standards for the production of SBCC products.
  • Develop dissemination plan for QA/QI SBCC standards
  • Facilitate QA/QI SBCC standards dissemination meetings to stakeholders
  • Disseminate SBCC QA/QI toolkit/checklist to stakeholders.
  1. Ensure the production of gender sensitive SBCC materials and products


  • Incorporate gender considerations into the development of SBCC QA/QI standards toolkit and checklists.


  1. Monitor the production process and disseminated SBCC products.


  • Review and certify SBCC products that meet the required standards

(All certified SBCC products will have the government logo and the authorship ‘Produced in collaboration with Ministry of Health, Health Education Services” as evidence of passing the SBCC QA/QI standards).

  • Conduct periodic spot checks to assess adherence to quality standards in the development of SBCC products.
  • Recommend the withdrawal of SBCC products that do not meet required standards to the HP-TWG.
  • Oversee district level SBCC QA/QI functions through quarterly reports from the district SBCC QA/QI sub-committee.
  • Provide bi-annual reports to the HP-TWG


  1. Advocate for adherence to SBCC QA/QI standards with donors, CSOs and other stakeholders.
  • Use existing platforms (eg. HP-TWG) to orient and create awareness of the mandate of the SBCC QA/QI subcommittee
  • Strengthen advocacy efforts by compiling case studies and conducting periodic cost benefit analyses of investing in production of quality SBCC products.


6.0.          Selection of the chairperson and co-chair

  • The Health Education Section shall chair the SBCC QA/QI subcommittee
  • The SBCC QA/QI sub-committee shall elect any other member of the subcommittee to be co-chair for a period of one year

6.1.          Duties of the Chairperson

  • Facilitate the updating of the SBCC QA/QI sub-committee membership list on a needs basis annually.
  • Ensure that all members actively participate in the activities of the subcommittee
  • Ensure meeting invitations are sent to committee members in time.
  • Ensure meetings are conducted on schedule
  • Ensure smooth deliberations of committee meetings
  • Delegate co-chair when absent
  • Follow up on action points
  • Compile and provide reports to the HP-TWG
  • Mobilize resources for meetings and other related functions of the SBCC QA/QI sub-committee.

7.0.          Selection of Secretariat

  • Secretariat should be elected from among member organizations
  • The secretariat will be composed of 1 member organization
  • The term of office will be one year


7.1.            Duties of the Secretariat

  • Take and draft meeting minutes and share with members
  • Circulate draft minutes to members for comments
  • Solicit agenda items from members and set final agenda for scheduled meetings
  • Send out timely meeting notifications and invitations to members
  • Follow up on agreed action points and send reminders to responsible persons for agreed tasks
  • Print and circulate meeting agenda and previous minutes to members on the day of the meeting
  • Keep an updated list of SBCC QA/QI subcommittee members and update it periodically


8.0.           Meetings

The QA/QI subcommittee shall meet once every quarter. A meeting calendar shall be developed at the beginning of each calendar year. The secretariat shall send a reminder and confirmation of the meeting to members at least 14 days before the meeting date. Extra-ordinary meetings shall be invited at short notice to address urgent emerging issues where necessary. 

9.0.          Quorum

The quorum for the meeting shall be one half of the current SBCC QA/QI sub-committee membership. 

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