The EHP Communications Technical Working Group was constituted following the recommendations from the EHP Technical Working Group at its December 2011 meeting. A need was identified to create a forum for discussions and provide recommendations on health promotion due to the increasing demand of health promotion services in both communicable and non communicable disease control interventions. The Current HSSP also emphasizes the need to strengthen health promotion and community participation which are central to preventing the occurrence of disease, prevent secondary damage and also on rehabilitation.


The objective of the EHP Communications Technical Working Group is to provide technical guidance and support in planning, implementation, scaling up, monitoring and evaluating evidence-based health promotion interventions.

Key roles and responsibilities of EHP Communications Technical Working Group

  • Provide technical guidance to the EHP TWG and other organisations in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health promotion interventions.
  • Advocate for adoption and integration of evidence-based health promotion approaches and interventions.
  • Ensure quality and standards in the delivery of health promotion interventions including messages and communication materials.
  • Facilitate capacity building of stakeholders engaged in health promotion programs.
  • Provide a representative forum for consensus building and support for decisions relating to EHP health promotion programs
  • Facilitate sharing and exchange of information and experiences among agencies and government ministries implementing Health Promotion interventions.
  • On quarterly basis, report to the EHP Technical working group on the progress of the health promotion programs.
  • Provide recommendations on messages and all Health communication products to conform with recent developments and national needs as well as quality to all EHP implementing agencies
  • Monitor the dissemination of  various EHP communication products to ensure correct utilization and that such product reach the targeted audiences including the underserved and most at risk populations
  • Assess and provide recommendations with regard to the production of quality EHP communication products in areas such as print materials, radio and TV products.
  • Ensure that all SBCC needs in all communicable and non communicable disease programmes are addressed through close collaboration and coordination with the specific programs

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